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Why buy American?

Just like any other industry buying imports are generally the best bang for your buck. Truth is that its the same for the glass industry, but is it?

Online and storefront smoke shop markets nowadays are completely saturated with import glass and it's not because the overseas manufacturers have stepped their game up so much ( don't get me wrong, they have) but its more due to the fact that your dollar stretches much further when you buy import glass.

What are we really buying thou?

If you're in need of a quick throw away for a camping trip, It may make sense to skip the bill I'm something a little less valuable to you, I get that. There is a substantial price difference in glass made in American verse that of which is manufactured overseas, But there are also other differences most people don't realize that may hinder their buying habits next time they're looking for a new purchase.

For instance import glass is much thinner than American glass. There's less parts per million in inport glass then in American made borosilicate glass leaving it much less dense and more fragile. This takes weeks, months, even years off your new purchases life.

"There's less parts per million in import glass then in Amercian made borosilicate glass leaving it much less dense and more fragile."

I didn't take a rocket science to know that the constant hot and cold that we are putting on our glass pieces is making them more fragile and less dense over time. When it all comes down glasses glass and will eventually hit its breaking point. When it comes to the test of time you're more fragile import glass To reach that breaking point long before your sturdy American borosilicate.

Aditionally since this glass is typically thinner then it only makes since for it to be typically cheaper.

One thing I notice as a store owner is when we get shipments from vendors I can tell right away if they are importing or not because of the Kiln dust ledt on all the pieces. Luckly for my customers We detail our pipes to make sure that 1st hit of their newly purchased glass apparatus isn't feeling there lungs with these left behind particles that I can guarantee you know store owner cares to get rid of before putting on their

Not only are we generally spending more and more money on a cheaper product over the course of time but all those dollars not so well spent could have been going to supporting our own economies and not somebody else's. When you buy American you're feeding someone's child, You're paying someone's rent or mortgage. You're buying a college kids school books or even better paying their tuition.

"When you buy American you're feeding someone's child"

Next time your new glass piece decides to take a dive to the floor. Go to your local shop ( or online if you dont have that luxury) and ask you clerk for something American-made. Or better yet, maybe something locally blown. You never know who's life you could be changing with one simple purchase. I've been in this industry for years and have gone to many Glass shows. Main thing that stands out to me are all the moms, dads, sisters, and brothers Working hours creating beautiful art pieces just to get passed up by thw wholesaler next door selling a lesser product for much cheaper.

"You never know whose life you could be changing with one simple purchase"

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